Fortress fencing

Fortress fencing is a reliable perimeter security fencing system that imposes minimum impact on the environment and character of the surrounding area.

Ideal for mental health environments

Anti-ligature Fortress fencing is widely used for securing mental health unit buildings, recreational and sports areas, providing total security and safety for patients and staff, whilst also acting as a clear demarcation area.

Supported on substantial posts and fixed with anti-tamper, anti-ligature fixings, Fortress fencing is ultra-strong, exceptionally secure and entirely adaptable to individual requirements; it can be built up to heights of 5.2 metres.

For new or existing fenced areas

The Britplas Fortress fencing system has been designed for use where retro fitting to existing fencing is required or in situations where it is to be erected from scratch as part of a new build project.

Available for installation at any fence height, across most terrain and in any RAL colour, the fencing system has quickly established itself as a market leading product, enabling good levels of visibility from within the compound whilst ensuring extra privacy when viewed externally.

Creating stimulating environments through design

Our cloaking makes Britplas fencing anti-climb and prevents the passing of unauthorised items through the mesh and creates areas of additional privacy. The cloaking allows for the overprinting of large and detailed artworks onto the surface. These artworks can create attractive vistas which are aesthetically appealing and calming, whilst also minimising the fencing’s physical presence, adhering to salutogenic principles.

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