Rapidvent Window

Improve air quality via natural ventilation without compromising security – a natural choice for education facilities


Visomesh for up to 58% open area natural ventilation


Smooth slide action for ease of use


Secure glass and mesh combo for security during night purges


Available in uPVC or aluminium, and all RAL colours to suit any environment

The Rapidvent window for education

Natural ventilation and a constant supply of fresh air keep students alert, focused and able to learn with maximum efficiency.

Designed and manufactured exclusively by Britplas, Rapidvent windows give both pupils and teachers total control over fresh airflow in classrooms, whilst ensuring safety and security even when windows are fully opened.

How does it work?

The clever design of the Rapidvent is based around a horizontal sliding window system which comprises a double fronted outer window and a free-sliding internal sash. The outer window has one glazed section and one fitted with durable, see-through stainless steel mesh, providing security whilst preventing the passage of people, vermin or insects.

When the sash is open the window ventilator design allows the flow of fresh air and daylight to enter the space, providing both comfort and a stimulating environment for the building’s users.

The Rapidvent window system enables new and existing buildings to lower their energy consumption, bringing significant environmental and cost savings, by opting for non-mechanical or mixed-mode ventilation. Utilising the robust stainless steel mesh allows for night purging, ensuring peace of mind that a building’s security is not compromised.

Prod info sheet

  • Safe and secure

    The window’s exceptionally strong mesh means that nothing can be thrown out or passed in and helps ensure pupil and teacher safety at all times.

  • Light and ventilation

    The window’s visomesh is virtually invisible from inside and allows for high levels of natural light and ventilation, promoting a positive learning environment.

  • Environmentally friendly

    The high levels of air flow allowed by the window reduce the need for mechanical ventilation, thus helping reduce carbon footprint and operational costs.

  • Low maintenance

    The window’s anti-bacterial frame and mesh and self-cleaning glass help ensure that it is easy to clean and maintain.