Safevent Window

The original and award-winning anti-ligature operable window, widely specified for use in mental health facilities


Anti-tamper and anti-ligature stainless steel visomesh


Glazed sliding sash


Anti-ligature handle (also available with winder)


Window allows for high levels of natural light and ventilation

The Safevent window for mental health

Our flagship product, the multi-award-winning and internationally acclaimed Safevent anti-ligature window, has become a benchmark product for supervised care environments.

Addressing many concerns about creating safe, secure, anti-ligature surroundings, the Safevent window also restricts the ability to pass contraband, whilst generating maximum natural ventilation levels that improve comfort for all users.

How does it work?

The Safevent is a horizontal or vertical sliding window system comprising a double fronted window and a free sliding internal or external sash.

The double window has one glazed area and the other is fitted with a stainless steel mesh. The sliding sash is glazed, sealing the mesh side when closed and is weather tight and draughtproof.

In this way, the window provides natural light and ventilation which can be controlled by service users, yet it also maintains a safe, secure and anti-ligature environment to meet the requirements of low and medium secure facilities.

Available in aluminium, uPVC, steel or timber, all Safevents are fabricated in-house at our Warrington manufacturing facility to ISO 9001 standards, and most importantly, always installed by our own Britplas employed fitting teams.

Prod info sheet

  • Safe and secure

    The window features an anti-ligature design and is exceptionally strong, having been tested against sustained attack to help ensure the safety of both patients and staff.

  • Light and ventilation

    The window’s visomesh is virtually invisible from inside and allows for high levels of natural light and ventilation, due to its 40% open area.

  • Patient operated

    The window can be controlled via a winder handle or button (electric Safevent), thus allowing a high degree of patient control over their environment.

  • Low maintenance

    The window’s anti-bacterial frame and mesh and self-cleaning glass help ensure that it is easy to clean and maintain.


Safevent windows installed and counting…