Design to install service from Britplas

The design phase is well underway for Milton Keynes’ new Blue Light Hub, and Britplas have recently constructed a sample section of the vertical façade in order to fully test and refine the glazing system.

The Blue Light Hub is a £14 million development which will create a state-of-the-art combined fire, police and ambulance centre. Its striking curved façade is due to be installed by Britplas towards the end of the year and includes Schüco FWS 50 curtain walling and Schüco AWS 65 windows and doors.

Andrew Harrison, Design Manager for the project commented “Due to the complexity of having vertically faceted mullions sat on a faceted curve the reasons behind the decision to produce a sample were twofold. We needed to provide the client with a full size sample, to allow them to see a realistic representation of their concept and allow us to provide a benchmark for the standard of the internal and external joints, the finish achievable and how the overall appearance of the screen will look using a PPC spandrel panel within the blue framework and clear glass.

Secondly, we needed to fully understand the fabrication and construction of the mullions, connection of the transom upon a faceted joint and complete a time and motion study to ensure our production program will meet site delivery requirements.”

Britplas also understood, from early collabration with the client Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue, the importance of the panel colour reflecting the glazed areas along the shaped façade. The construction of a sample was the best way to ensure that these aesthetic requirements would be met.

The finished sample has also allowed us to develop and improve the mullion joints and transom connections and understand the drainage aspect for the mullions.

Britplas take BIM to the next level

Britplas are proud to announce that we are the first subcontractor in the UK to achieve BIM Level 2 accreditation with Lloyds Register EMEA (LR).

Attaining Level 2 shows Britplas’ commitment to becoming a fully BIM compliant company, along with the advantages that this brings for both our clients and partners. Building Information Modelling (BIM) involves digitally constructing a facility before it is built. The process allows for greater project collaboration, and can bring significant efficiencies in information exchange, training processes and risk mitigation.

Britplas have completed several projects using BIM Level 2, including Project Capella, a new state of the art laboratory building at Cambridge University.

At the core of BIM Level 2 is compliance with the standard PAS 1192. The Lloyds accreditation goes beyond this, however, and also introduces business best practice principles into the scope of assessment.

Areas which Lloyds assessed within the company include

  • advanced 3D modelling tools;
  • appropriate standards
  • methods;
  • procedures;
  • skills;
  • competencies; and
  • infrastructures

Our in-house design and health and safety teams worked closely with Lloyds to ensure that we continue to be compatible with the very latest our industry has to offer. “It’s been a pleasure to work with Stuart Duncan and the team at Britplas on their BIM journey” said Andrew Carter, Lead BIM Assessor (LR).

Presenting their BIM certificate Karl Miller, Utilities Manager (LR) said “We’re seeing a more diverse range of companies now achieving BIM Level 2 accreditation. As a commercial glazing specialist Britplas are showing that this accreditation is not just for architects and constructors”.