Full in-house design service

Our skilled in-house design team specialise in bringing our clients’ visions to life in the most efficient and effective manner, offering a comprehensive service to ensure that buildings meet their functional and aesthetic requirements as well as optimum standards of performance and sustainability.

At Britplas we are known for our innovative approach to design and engineering, and we will always seek to add value to your project by looking at things differently, value engineering where possible and using our specialist sector knowledge to provide the best fenestration solutions for your project.


Building Information Modelling represents a digital revolution for the UK construction industry, and at Britplas we have invested significantly in training, hardware and software to ensure that our design team is fully level 2 compliant and able to offer our clients the latest BIM technology to best suit the requirements of each individual project. Recently, we became the first subcontractor in the UK to achieve BIM Level 2 accreditation with Lloyds Register EMEA (LR).

The advantages of BIM are many and varied and its potential is far from reached, however it is already allowing for improved collaboration between project contractors and sub-contractors, greater accuracy in design, manufacturing and scheduling, better clash detection and improved 3D visualisation at pre-construction stage.

We have BIM families available for all of our proprietary product range, please contact us to request access to our download area.

Award-winning window design

Our own range of specialist windows including the Safevent window for mental health has won multiple design awards.

We are also used to working with clients to engineer bespoke solutions to meet the regulatory requirements of specific sectors, for example the EFA’s environmental targets within the education sector.

Contact our pre-construction team today to find out more or speak to us about your project.