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The importance of naturally ventilated school windows

A constant flow of fresh air is essential when creating an effective learning environment, bringing many benefits to both students and teachers in terms of comfort and performance. And a great way to achieve this is by installing naturally ventilated school windows.

Below, Britplas explain why it’s so important to ensure your classroom is well ventilated – and how their windows can help…

Well-ventilated classrooms can improve student performance

Studies have shown that students perform better if their classrooms are well-ventilated. A 2010 study by the University of Tulsa saw test scores increase when fresh air was properly circulated in the classroom. Other studies carried out in Spain, the Netherlands and Scandinavia agreed with these findings. Installing naturally ventilated school windows is an effective way of increasing fresh air flow, and therefore creating a better, more comfortable learning environment.

Poor classroom ventilation can lead to increases in illness

A 2013 study into elementary school ventilation in California by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory suggests that poor ventilation in the classroom contributes to higher rates of illness in children. Increased illness leads to more time away from school, meaning that pupil health and education both suffer. Therefore, installation of naturally ventilated school windows could bring health benefits as well as educational ones.

Naturally ventilated school windows are cost effective

There are methods of ventilation and climate control other than installing specialist educational windows, such as electric air conditioning and fans. However, in the long-term these solutions are much less cost-effective than naturally ventilated school windows, bringing as they do increases in energy costs – which, in turn, is detrimental to the environment.

Introducing natural ventilation doesn’t mean compromising on safety

You may think that installing educational windows designed to offer natural ventilation could bring security risks – after all, if fresh air is entering the classroom, couldn’t less desirable elements and items also enter? Not with Britplas’s secure school windows. The Rapidvent’s innovative transparent stainless steel mesh prevents foreign objects being passed into or out of the classroom, as well as keeping bugs, insects and other potential distractions on the outside.

Why choose Britplas windows for your school?

Britplas are award-winning, trusted experts in specialist windows for education, healthcare, mental health and commercial buildings. Our windows for education provide excellent ventilation, which can improve student performance by keeping them alert and aware, without compromising on safety or comfort. They’re cost-effective, environmentally sound and have helped establishments achieve desirable BREEAM ‘Excellent’ ratings.

Britplas naturally ventilated windows for schools

Britplas can provide an adapted version of their Intavent window which is especially suitable for education environments. The window has one glazed area and the other is fitted with a stainless steel mesh. The sliding sash is glazed, sealing the mesh side when closed and is weather tight and draughtproof. In this way, the window provides optimum safety whilst also allowing for the free flow of air and plenty of natural light.

intavent window

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