Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment

At Britplas we have an effective management structure and constantly reviewed arrangements in place for delivering our ongoing commitment to health and safety, quality and the environment.

Our management system is based on the ISO 18001 structure and ensures that all staff are motivated and empowered to work safely and to protect their long-term health, not simply to avoid accidents.

The arrangements are underpinned by effective staff involvement and participation underlined by consistent communication and the promotion of competence, allowing all employees and their representatives to make a responsible and informed contribution to the health and safety effort.

We have a planned approach to implementing our policies throughout the business with procedures and process controls to cover the specific systems used to achieve customer requirements. They are also linked to the work instructions and product specifications, which are required to enable the company to fulfil the client’s order. As necessary, design and development processes are implemented.

Our system is annually externally audited in line with ISO requirements, and internal audits regularly scheduled with a strong commitment to continuous improvement involving the constant development of policies, systems and techniques of risk control. Ongoing performance is assessed by internal reference to key performance indicators.

We recognise that accident prevention, productivity and quality of performance go hand in hand, and that safety is an integral part of all activities. All employees, regardless of the capacity in which they work, assume responsibility for safety awareness and consciousness. This responsibility is met by maintaining safe conditions and performing duties in accordance with safe work practices.. This is reflected in our accident rates which have reduced over the past 3 years with a 25% reduction in minor injuries plus no Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) in 2015.

The overall success of the business depends upon the individual, their personal skills, energies and contributions are actively encouraged to develop through our training and CPD sessions. Our employees have completed numerous courses over the past 12 months including supervisors and senior management training (SSSTS & SMSTS), first aid, non-licensed asbestos training plus various forms of access equipment relating to working at height.

Our commitment to training and continuous development has also been most evident in Britplas developing a first IOSH accreditation for working in live environments, the course has been created in line with our installation teams requiring access to NHS mental health wards and units – the sessions not only focus on the safety of our employees but also identifying the personal factors of each occupant to consider when entering the units.

This course is now in its final stages of development and has had input from specialists at John Moores University, once finalised we feel it will be of great benefit to all employees plus enable a full understanding of our daily working environments.