The unique, patented Safevent window range by Britplas has gained global recognition for meeting the intense demands of today’s mental health and psychiatric units.

We now have an enviable track record of working in partnership with North American state departments for mental health, and many Australian Government and private organisations as well as various National Health Service Trusts, market-leading private healthcare companies, architects and contractors in the UK.

The Safevent is a highly functional operable window, designed to increase natural ventilation and enhance interior environments, yet also able to withstand extreme force, having been tested to over 2000ft-lbs of repeated interior impacts.

As sector experts, we have a thorough understanding of the requirements and standards for the construction of mental health and psychiatric facilities in a number of export markets.  As a result the Safevent is now tried, tested and installed in Australia, North America and various sites across Europe.

Britplas is a corporate partner of the International Academy for Design & Health, a global, interdisciplinary knowledge community dedicated to the stimulation and application of research concerning the interaction between design, health, science and culture.

North America

The Safevent window has now been installed at numerous locations in North America, where it also became the first operable window in the world to pass the Human Impact ‘Drop Test’, involving an astonishing 200lb pendulum-style impactor raised to a height of 10ft and struck at numerous locations on the frame, glass and visomesh to simulate the impact of a 200 pound person moving at 25 feet per second.


Our first project in Australia was carried out in 2010, and we have since installed our specialist Safevent window to several mental health units throughout the country.


We have undertaken multiple projects across Europe, with our Safevent windows now installed in several mental health facilities in Belgium and the Netherlands as well as Ireland.

Projects span both medium secure facilities and high intensive care clinics, for both children and adults, including the Clinic St Joseph in Belgium, youth Nijmegen at Karakter and also Saint John of God Hospital in Stillorgan, Co Dublin – an independent acute psychiatric teaching hospital with 183 in-patient beds, considered one of the leading European providers in mental health treatment and care.

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