Britplas security fencing is a winner at the Building Better Healthcare Awards

Britplas have won an award for their innovative Fortress Fencing at the Building Better Healthcare Awards.

The awards celebrate innovation, architecture, people, products and services that are helping to transform patient care in the UK and Britplas learned of their success at an awards ceremony held at The Brewery in Central London on the 5th November.

Fortress Fencing is an innovative perimeter security system which allows the use of digital images (end user art, landscapes, photos, graphics) to enhance the patient experience by creating an aesthetically pleasing and calming environment, all within a safe, enclosed area.

This product was initially developed, without art, to enhance the privacy, safety and security of mental health patients in outside areas and incorporates a perforated mesh cloaking system that is strong, anti-ligature, anti-climb and prevents the passing of contraband.

The clever design of the fencing, and its associated mesh, allows patients to view the outside world whilst making it difficult for passers-by to observe the enclosed area. The product won the Best Product for Improving Privacy and Dignity category at the awards because of these unique characteristics.

“Our fencing was developed after we recognised a genuine need in the market for something which could enhance surroundings whilst also fulfilling an important security function, providing protection to both patients and members of the public” commented Britplas Chairman Kevin Gorman.

“We’re delighted to receive this award, but even more rewarding for us is the knowledge that we are contributing to an improved patient experience for service users.”