Research and development

Innovation is an important part of our company culture and has always played a key role in the development and success of our products and services.

Britplas has a proven track record in bringing ideas from concept through to fruition resulting in the variety of award-winning proprietary products we offer today, including the Safevent, the Rapidvent, Fortress Fencing and most recently the Safevent Access.

We invest heavily in Research and Development, with a dedicated R&D Manager leading a programme of continuous improvement which continues to yield quality results and be at the heart of our company.

Now utilising the latest techniques and technology in areas such as 3D printing and Building Information Modelling, we are continually looking for ways to create better working / living environments for the end users of the buildings which we help to construct.

A system of customer feedback and subsequent action has long been a hallmark of our working relationships, and a strong research and development commitment in design and manufacturing enables constant adaptation to the shifting requirements of each sector in which we operate.

Intelligent Fenestration

Key proprietary products such as the Safevent and Rapidvent windows have helped to revolutionise building design in their respective sectors, providing a genuinely unique solution to a problem rather than ‘just another product.’

We adopt a similar approach to commercial glazing briefs, always seeking to add value at every stage of your fenestration project and bring genuine innovation and improvement to every job we take on. Engage with us early and we will work with you to find the best product solution, engineer the optimum design, create the most efficient installation programme and ensure the best ongoing performance of your building.

This intelligent response sets us apart from our competitors and along with our genuine end-to-end service, has helped to create a high level of client satisfaction and repeat business among our customer base.

Breathing Buildings

We also actively seek out and work with other like-minded organisations to bring the next generation of ground-breaking fenestration to market, and working with industry leaders Breathing Buildings, have developed a unique system to integrate their Natural Ventilation with Heat Recovery System (NVHR®) unit within a range of specialist and standard windows, thus creating a system which is able to maximise natural light and ventilation to create an optimum learning environment with minimal environmental impact.

The NVHR® from Breathing Buildings is a patented system which allows single sided, natural ventilation in deep plan spaces whilst making the most of internal heat gains to deliver superb thermal comfort.