Project Details

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) asked for a 4.2m size fence to alleviate absconsion issues plus a small seclusion area separated for difficult users. Over 60 linear metres of Britplas’ Fortress Fencing were installed in a live environment, each area separated by a gate with printed mesh on both sides.

Following the construction of a housing estate close to the site which caused privacy and dignity issues for the residents at Foxhall House, NSFT were instructed to erect a suitable solution.

The innovative fencing solution has won the Building Better Healthcare award for Best Product for Improving Privacy and Dignity, so fit the bill perfectly.

Martin Finnegan, Special Projects Manager stated, “The tough environment at Foxhall House meant working closely with the trust for an extended period of time pre-project, ensuring the large-scale fencing suited the wards inhabitants.”

Foxhall House, Suffolk

Britplas’ Special Projects team were chosen to remove the existing perimeter fence and install our Fortress Fencing at Foxhall House, a secure mental health unit in Ipswich.

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Contract value

Mental Health

St Clements Hospital, Ipswich

Fortress Fencing