Project Details

The Rapidvent was able to address some key areas of concern for Oakwood Avenue Primary School.

  • Natural ventilation – the previous casement windows had been restricted due to safety concerns. The Rapidvent allows for an open area of up to 58%, greatly increasing natural air flow.
  • Reduced running costs – negating the need for expensive mechanical ventilation means that both the initial set up and running costs are reduced.
  • Security – being used on a school means that security is paramount. The stainless steel mesh design is fully accredited to deal with prolonged periods of attack without being compromised.

Oakwood Avenue Primary School, Warrington

After seeing the Rapidvent in action at our Warrington based showroom, Oakwood Avenue Primary School entrusted the replacement of their Victorian windows with Britplas’ award-winning design.

Warrington Borough Council

Main contractor

Contract value


Oakwood, Warrington

uPVC Rapidvent window