Safevent window chosen for P21+ NHS procurement framework

Britplas has been chosen as a preferred component supplier for the P21+ mental health scheme.

The ProCure21+ National Framework is a framework agreement with six Principal Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs) and their supply chains, selected by OJEU tender process for capital investment construction schemes. Any NHS client or joint-venture may use the framework for a capital construction scheme without having to go through the OJEU process themselves.

Born from Government initiatives to save money whilst retaining high standards of care, the P21+ is an NHS procurement framework that achieves efficiencies through standardisation of components and room layouts.

Following a testing and selection process, the Britplas Safevent window has been installed at the P21+ 4 bed bay sample room at the Static System Group’s showroom, Staffordshire. This facility provides Trusts, stakeholders and healthcare professionals with the chance to experience the repeatable room benefits and see the Standard Components in use.  A booking system is in operation, accessed by emailing:

There are currently over 180 active P21+ schemes, with total savings to the NHS on completed schemes estimated at £1.3m. The scheme’s Repeatable Rooms initiative, where products from each preferred component supplier make up many of the fixtures and fittings for each bed or ward room, has won the British Construction Industry Award 2015 for Product Design Innovation.

“We are delighted to have come through a testing selection process and be now be a supplier for the P21+ process. We look forward to working closely with the client (The Department of Health), their architects and the PSCP’S to help create a more stimulating environment for treatment and rehabilitation,” notes Neil Guest, Britplas’ UK Sales Manager.

“This is another example of the Britplas team’s drive and determination to be at the forefront of the UK’S leading initiatives involving innovation, collaborative working and cost efficiencies across a number of commercial sectors.”

Britplas shortlisted in Construction News Specialists Awards

BW54_CN_SPECIALIST-AWARDS_LOGO_FINALIST_PURPLEBritplas are delighted to announce that we are finalists for the second year running in the Specialist Contractor of the Year (turnover up to £25m) category of the Construction News Specialists Awards.

Highly commended in the same category last year, Britplas has since gone from strength to strength. Making the shortlist again recognises the talent and hard work of all our employees.

The Construction News Specialists Awards bring together members of the construction industry who have excelled in their area of expertise over the prior year. The next stage of the awards will see all finalists presenting to a panel of judges, with the winners being announced at an event at the Hilton Park Lane, London on 24th February 2016.

“We are delighted to make the shortlist for the Specialist Contractor of the Year award, being recognised by our peers is the best praise we could ask for” notes John Blackwell, commercial director.

“The team we’ve built at Britplas is really geared towards continued excellence, not just in terms of sales but performance and delivery – and I think this is reflected in this accolade.”

Britplas appointed to new IPCU at Stratheden Hospital

Britplas have been chosen to provide the fenestration package for the brand new Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit (IPCU) at Stratheden Hospital.

The new building is designed to improve on the existing facilities by incorporating market leading technologies and advancements in mental health care. The inclusion of Britplas’ Safevent window, door solutions and curtain walling is reflective of NHS Fife’s commitment to improving the service user experience.

The £4.4m build designed by Oberlanders will encompass an 8 bed facility and communal areas. Brian Montgomery of NHS Fife stated “Replacing the existing unit is a key part of our strategy to improve mental health services in Fife and we, as an organisation, recognise the importance of providing modern, therapeutic environments to support the delivery of high quality patient care. The new state-of-the-art unit will ensure that the most vulnerable patients can be cared for in a safer, more secure and supportive environment, designed specifically to meet their needs.”

Works will commence in October with the installation of uPVC Safevent windows, aluminium door sets and curtain walling. The new build is expected to complete in Spring 2016.

The importance of naturally ventilated school windows

A constant flow of fresh air is essential when creating an effective learning environment, bringing many benefits to both students and teachers in terms of comfort and performance. And a great way to achieve this is by installing naturally ventilated school windows.

Below, Britplas explain why it’s so important to ensure your classroom is well ventilated – and how their windows can help…

Well-ventilated classrooms can improve student performance

Studies have shown that students perform better if their classrooms are well-ventilated. A 2010 study by the University of Tulsa saw test scores increase when fresh air was properly circulated in the classroom. Other studies carried out in Spain, the Netherlands and Scandinavia agreed with these findings. Installing naturally ventilated school windows is an effective way of increasing fresh air flow, and therefore creating a better, more comfortable learning environment.

Poor classroom ventilation can lead to increases in illness

A 2013 study into elementary school ventilation in California by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory suggests that poor ventilation in the classroom contributes to higher rates of illness in children. Increased illness leads to more time away from school, meaning that pupil health and education both suffer. Therefore, installation of naturally ventilated school windows could bring health benefits as well as educational ones.

Naturally ventilated school windows are cost effective

There are methods of ventilation and climate control other than installing specialist educational windows, such as electric air conditioning and fans. However, in the long-term these solutions are much less cost-effective than naturally ventilated school windows, bringing as they do increases in energy costs – which, in turn, is detrimental to the environment.

Introducing natural ventilation doesn’t mean compromising on safety

You may think that installing educational windows designed to offer natural ventilation could bring security risks – after all, if fresh air is entering the classroom, couldn’t less desirable elements and items also enter? Not with Britplas’s secure school windows. The Rapidvent’s innovative transparent stainless steel mesh prevents foreign objects being passed into or out of the classroom, as well as keeping bugs, insects and other potential distractions on the outside.

Why choose Britplas windows for your school?

Britplas are award-winning, trusted experts in specialist windows for education, healthcare, mental health and commercial buildings. Our windows for education provide excellent ventilation, which can improve student performance by keeping them alert and aware, without compromising on safety or comfort. They’re cost-effective, environmentally sound and have helped establishments achieve desirable BREEAM ‘Excellent’ ratings.

Britplas naturally ventilated windows for schools

Britplas can provide an adapted version of their Intavent window which is especially suitable for education environments. The window has one glazed area and the other is fitted with a stainless steel mesh. The sliding sash is glazed, sealing the mesh side when closed and is weather tight and draughtproof. In this way, the window provides optimum safety whilst also allowing for the free flow of air and plenty of natural light.

intavent window

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Britplas security fencing is a winner at the Building Better Healthcare Awards

Britplas have won an award for their innovative Fortress Fencing at the Building Better Healthcare Awards.

The awards celebrate innovation, architecture, people, products and services that are helping to transform patient care in the UK and Britplas learned of their success at an awards ceremony held at The Brewery in Central London on the 5th November.

Fortress Fencing is an innovative perimeter security system which allows the use of digital images (end user art, landscapes, photos, graphics) to enhance the patient experience by creating an aesthetically pleasing and calming environment, all within a safe, enclosed area.

This product was initially developed, without art, to enhance the privacy, safety and security of mental health patients in outside areas and incorporates a perforated mesh cloaking system that is strong, anti-ligature, anti-climb and prevents the passing of contraband.

The clever design of the fencing, and its associated mesh, allows patients to view the outside world whilst making it difficult for passers-by to observe the enclosed area. The product won the Best Product for Improving Privacy and Dignity category at the awards because of these unique characteristics.

“Our fencing was developed after we recognised a genuine need in the market for something which could enhance surroundings whilst also fulfilling an important security function, providing protection to both patients and members of the public” commented Britplas Chairman Kevin Gorman.

“We’re delighted to receive this award, but even more rewarding for us is the knowledge that we are contributing to an improved patient experience for service users.”